The Human Potential Center is a nonprofit Fitness Center for the Mind and Heart. We offer programs designed to tap the creativity, the love and the playfulness of the human spirit.

The Center is based on the work of humanistic and transpersonal psychologists like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Virginia Satir.

Rather than trying to convince you that any one technique or approach to personal growth is the best, we aim to help you find and follow your own personal growth path.

The Human Potential Center is committed to helping people choose ways of living that are in keeping with who they are and what they desire for their lives. For some people, that means choosing conventional careers, relationship styles and spiritual paths, whereas for others it means choosing alternative career paths, lifestyles and spiritualities. We support people choosing any approach that respects other people and increases the creativity, love and playfulness in the world. For more information, visit our page on alternative lifestyles.

Here's our mission statement in HTML and/or PDF format. We have also written a vision for the Center to help people imagine what we will be like in the future.


"Thank you all again for the kindness and support extended to me....I appreciated that more than you'll ever know. Your work and the outreach it provides to the community is inspirational to many and I wish you continued success!!"
Brenda Baxendale
Job Coach / Special Education Teaching Assistant

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