Most of our workshops are free. If you like what you experience and would like to support this work, we will happily accept whatever donations you feel are appropriate. We invite you to attend as many workshops as you wish during any month, and participate with us in the exciting adventure of learning more about ourselves and others.

If you wish, you can become a member of the Center, which allows you to also attend any of our numerous members-only workshops. In addition, members receive a 10% discount on wellness-oriented books, tapes and products, and Annual and Premium members receive huge discounts on some of our paid workshops.

Interested in becoming a member of the Center? Here's how!

If you believe that any of our services could be helpful for you but the price is out of reach for you right now, we have some alternative financial arrangements available. Call us for more information. After all, our primary commitment is to helping people grow, and we wouldn't want something like finances to stand in then way of that happening!

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Want to know more? Just ask us, or call (512) 441-8988.
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